21 April 2024

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Why hydroform is a great process?

The last years the metal production methods had been improved. The traditional processes had been finetuned to offer a higher quality input. Hydroform is one of the greatest examples. The hydroform process includes many benefits, like components from a superior quality, lightweight items, versatility of materials, manufacturing savings. Phoenix 3D is specialized in hydroforming. This process allows to shape metals such as steel, copper, stainless steel and aluminium. It’s a cost-effective and specialized type of die moulding. The hydroform process utilizes highly pressurized fluid to form metal.

Components from a superior quality

The hydroform process is a process from high quality. During the process the sheet of metal is pressed and never comes into contact with tooling equipment. There are no chances of damage.

Manufacturing savings

Applying hydroforming to you metal production process can save you quite a sum of money. Hydroforming generates just a little waste from the process. Besides that, the tooling costs are very low. The result: a cost-effective manufacturing process.

Versatility of materials

The hydroform process is suitable for the use of any ductile metals that need to be hydroformed. Whether, it’s aluminium, steel or titan; With hydroforming, the optimum deformation level can always be reached.