21 April 2024

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Water filter extractor

Water filter extractor

In the finishing and cutting industry all owners are well aware of the machine problems like deburring and dust in the machines. The maintenance and replacing of the machines because of that, costs the owners a lot of time and money. Besides that, it can even be dangerous; for example aluminium dust is known to be explosive when it is captured dry. But there is a great solution on the market. With only a little investment you can have a low maintenance on your machines and are able to prevent replacements in a short time and dangerous situations. The company “Q-fin” has a lot of experience in the finishing and cutting industry and were very aware of the problems that existed. They created a water filter extractor for removing dust out of every machine

How does it work?

Quality Finishing

To get the most out of it, owners can make an investment a deburring machine, combined with a water filter extractor. The burring machine  has the applications of grinding and polishing surfaces. The water filter will take care of the dust who was left behind. The dust is absorbed by the water and sinks to the bottom of the filter.  So no more deburring and no more dust in your machines from now on. Please contact the Q-fin team for more information about these great machines.