26 May 2024

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Best bookmakers

How was the bookmakers’ website designed?

The first impression is usually the deciding factor. What works in the real world is also elementary for the best ones. Because the look and performance of the bookmakers’ website is absolutely important if you want to feel comfortable visiting the gambling site in the long run.

What sounds unimportant at first is really important! Imagine that you are playing on a website that is not well-built. How fast can you find the different sports? Where are the live bets? What if you have questions as a gambler? Where is the right help section? These are all issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible for the visitor. Otherwise, he will look for another online bookie.

In addition to the bright and pleasant colour scheme, it is also important that there are not too many distracting, flashing elements. Because some are unfortunately exaggerated with this.

But less is not always more. Because especially with live betting statistics are important, you want drop-downs in the FAQ area instead of having to scroll forever. The web presence of the best bookies is clearly structured, It is functional and has a clear layout. A highly efficient navigation system is very important.

Best bookmakers

A high bonus for new customers?

For many players, the most decisive feature of the best bookies is the new customer bonus. Because when you open an account, you want to get a thank you for it. And that’s why there are many types of bonuses available from bookmakers.

The most common one is the 100% bonus, which allows up to €100. The reason is relatively simple: the bookmakers supplement the first deposit with the same amount, the new customer doesn’t have to calculate much and knows how much money he will receive as a “Thank You”. But there are also bookies who offer, for example, 40% or 200%. You have to calculate the ratio in which you eventually get a bonus.

It is not possible here to give a real guideline about what is fantastic or absolutely bad. Because it always depends on the combination with the sales conditions. In some cases it is better to play without a bonus.

Best bookmakers

Are the sales conditions achievable?

The best ones want to create fair conditions. And that’s why the sales rules should be structured in such a way that new customers don’t have any problems enjoying the profits by means of a bonus and a deposit.

The sales conditions determine how often the bonus and deposit must be converted before profits can be paid out. Incidentally, the new customer bonus is always linked to a minimum quota. This is approximately between 1.4 and 2.0.

A low quota is of course absolutely fair, because you run less risk of losing the corresponding bonus. On the other hand, the potential profit is of course also smaller. It is also important to keep an eye on the number of bets you have to place.

For example, if you bet seven times at 1.4 odds, you run a greater risk of losing one of the bets. At the same time, of course, the equivalent of the first deposit and the bonus should also be tipped. The higher this is, the more money you have to bet.

In principle, a turnover condition with odds between 1.4 and 1.6 and the rule of being converted three or four times on sports bets can therefore be considered good.