21 April 2024

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Grinding Dust Extractor

Grinding dust extractor maintenance tips

For optimum results, your grinding dust extractor should be in good condition at all times. A low performing extractor leads to poor results and high dust loads, causing effective cleaning outcomes. If left unsolved, this issue can lead to high operation costs and prolonged downtime incidences. That calls for regular checkups and maintenance.


Grinding dust extractor maintenance tips

Ensure that air pressure in the dust extractor is well balanced. That will ensure that the machine traps all the particles produced in your industry. Note that too low air pressure may lead to low dust absorption, thus putting workers at risk. Too high pressure may also damage the dust extractor, forcing you to replace them often.

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Use the right dust extractor in the right working environment.

Our industrial environment produces a lot of particles that need to be handled well. If left to roam freely, our respiratory system will be in danger. When buying a grinding dust extractor, ensure that you buy the right extractor, and use it in the right environment. If you have an industry that deals with metalwork, go for wet extractors. For wood workshops,a dry dust extraction system will be of great help due to their high affinity for wood particles.