14 July 2024

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Small parts deburring

It is not easy to escape burrs especially if you are metalworking. Small parts deburring is therefore required to remove these micro burrs in small parts. Removal of burrs by hand on small parts can get difficult. This is why the most suitable and efficient type of deburring on small parts is mechanical deburring.

The technique of small parts deburring

The first step is to identify the burr. You can use a stereo microscope or a USB digital microscope. After you identify the burr you see the blur, use any of the following methods:

small parts deburring

Miniature tumbling. The parts are usually tumbled through various media such as polymer pyramids and walnut shells. Glass bead blasting. This method usually removes remnant deposits and impurities from your stainless steel to provide a uniform finish. Nitric acid etching. This is the last option especially if the parts are aggressive. Nitric acid etching removes remnants and if you are not careful, it will remove the original material. Choose any of the above deburring methods. Automated deburring is the way to go especially if you have several parts.