21 April 2024

Foto Sarus

Photos by Sarus

Description of Motorcycle helmets

Helmets not only protect your head from accidents but also reduce wind noise while in motion, improves one’s view of the road while riding, keep your hair kempt, and keeping it out of your face.There are so many types of motorcycle helmets in the market today, but the most common ones include; Full Face, which offers comprehensive coverage around the rider’s face and neck. Modular offers at least three-quarter coverage of your face and neck, whose chin and visor bar flips up. Open face covers sides face and the top back but leaves the face exposed. Half only covers the head, forehead down to your brows. There are so many other modern and advanced types, but these four are the most common ones.

Motorcycle helmets


Full face offers enormous coverage of the face, providing more protection and a high degree of quietness while riding. It, however, doesn’t fit in most scooters and produces more heat during summer. Modular covers three quarters of the face offering more protection than the other two mentioned. It is relatively more substantial and less quiet as compared to Full Face, it also comes as a two in one helmet due to its flip-up element. The open face offers good visibility, more friendly during summer as it doesn’t generate a lot of heat. However, it provides less protection and is noisier at high speeds. Half, mostly recommended for scooter since it is light, offers more visibility and significant inflow of air. It doesn’t come with a visor or shield, and one needs to buy eye protection gadgets. Therefore, helmets play a more significant role in safety as far as safety is concerned.

Motorcycle helmets