26 May 2024

Foto Sarus

Photos by Sarus

bamboo table & chairs

Beautiful bamboo table & chairs for in- and outdoor use

If the environment you are trying to furnish has even the slightest focus towards nature you should consider opting for bamboo table & chairs. These rustic beauties give off a spa-like calming vibe allowing even the most stressed out people to complete relax after a long day at work. The rigidity of bamboo allows the furniture to very minimalistic while also retaining it’s natural shapes instead of the modern day straight lines and perfect curves.

It’s increased strength compared to other hardwoods can also make it up to three times more durable than its competitor materials. Don’t let the higher prices spook you, as you will save a fair amount of money on the long run!

bamboo table & chairs

Easily cleanable

It is important to clean bamboo surfaces regularly to maintain its aesthetic qualities. Bamboo table & chairs are surprisingly easy to clean however, only requiring a few materials. Before you truly clean the bamboo, make sure you dust it off with a small broom. Afterwards the material can be cleaned using a soft towel and some mild soap.

Be careful when handling wet bamboo. It is wise to let it dry first as it is less durable when wet.

A good solution to this is to use treated bamboo. The special treatment makes the surface material more resistant and completely fends off termites. This is a great benefit when using bamboo table & chairs of course because the furniture won’t give in as quickly when being used.